Veli Lošinj

Thanks to its favourable climatic conditions, Veli Lošinj has long been a well known health resort. More than 100 years ago the air, sea and the sun in Veli Lošinj were discovered by the Hapsburg Archduke Charles Stephen, who spent his holidays here, building a residence of recreational and health tourism. In the immediate vicinity of Veli Lošinj lies Rovenska, a small fishing harbour, where the air smells of freshness, fish and the sea. Get to know the area as seen from the sea by making boat excursions.
Don't miss the opportunity. Have a great holiday in the wonderful setting of Veli Lošinj.

There are a number of possibilities for practising sport on the island of Lošinj. We have tennis courts, diving schools, surfing schools, sailing schools, etc. You can also rent a boat, a bike, or a motorcycle.

Many tourists like to climb our nearby hills. When you reach the top of the hill, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Lošinj's archipelago. Our excursion boats will take you to the small islands such as Susak, Ilovik (on the map), or other such places with sandy beaches. Cycling is becoming more and more popular here, particularly in the autumn and the spring. There are international competitions in angling and a world competition in underwater fishing.

Clear crystal sea water, a clean sky and beautiful natural surroundings are the reasons why many tourists visit the island of Lošinj. Thanks to its mild and healthy climate, the island of Losinj is very popular as a holiday resort. Many rare animals such as the griffon vulture (in the picture) live on the island. Around 200 dolphins live around the island, a fact which proves that the sea water is extremely clean. If you want full recovery of your body and mind, spend your holidays on the island of Lošinj.

Old churches, buildings, customs and legends make the history of the island Lošinj of particular cultural interest.

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