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Walking trails: The northern part of the island and the area around Punta Križa is a beautiful, still preserved environment where you can experience a truly pleasurable vacation taking long walks enjoying intact nature and lush vegetation, the scents of various healing herbs and beautiful intact beaches. Using the kayaks provided by theGreat Escape Lošinjcompany, it won't take you a lot of time to sail around the entire area and explore the hidden beaches, bays and coves. The walking trails with the related maps are available on the Mali Lošinj Tourist Board website.
Hiking and mountaineering trails:Osor Transversal (Osorska Transverzala), Punta Križa, Tramuntana-Beli (Cres) accompanied by a certified mountain guide. Kayaking – In cooperation with the Great Escape Lošinj company, we can arrange gear rental for you. Please inform us of your wish to use the kayaking service upon accommodation booking. Mountain Cycling – The Ćunski bike trail. Mountain bike tours from Ćunski via Osor to Punta Križa. Varied tours on nature trails to beautiful sea bays and mountain peaks. We bring them the bikes to Ćunski and pick them up again after the tour.  International Windsurf and Sailing Courses in Čikat Bay from Mali Lošinj. We pick up the guests in Ćunski and the surrounding area by minibus and bring them back after the course. More infomation on: www.sunbird.de

Zaosiri Bathing Complex – A town beach with showers. Other amenities worth seeing include the Austro-Hungarian Pier (Mol) and the islet of Osiri that you can actually swim to and, if you check the map, you will see that it is shaped as a perfect circle.
PARADISE GARDEN (RAJSKI VRT): vegetables (under construction), olive oil (under construction)